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Colors have always been a source of solace or unease for me. They possess the ability to soothe my soul or inflict stress upon it. Instead of penning down my experiences in a journal like some, I choose to capture the essence of these moments by preserving the vibrant hues that paint my life. Welcome to the snippets of my life, where colors come alive and weave tales of emotions and experiences.

Each individual piece will be sold and delivered unframed with Price including World Wide Shipping. Please be aware that the price does not include potential customs duties at the final destination — the buyer is responsible for this fee If you wish to purchase a work, please email with the title of the work as subject. If the work is available, it will be reserved for you and you will be contacted within 24hrs by email to receive information so an invoice can be sent.​For more Updated Artwork feel free to click on Instagram and enquire on more recent works

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