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Rebecca Wing Sze Lam (b. 1985, AU)​, an Australia-based self-taught Portrait Artist, found solace and escape during her childhood through the pages of her sketchbook. As an awkward child, she sought refuge in a world of thoughts and emotions, where drawing became an intimate language. It was a code of colors and strokes, understood only by herself and kindred minds.Her artistic journey is a reflection of her personal association with the subjects she portrays, shaped by her diverse cultural background. Inspired by sculptures, music, poetry, and the captivating faces she encounters, Wingsze's style draws inspiration from artistic luminaries such as Picasso and Matisse. Her Fauvist-inspired drawings have gained recognition and popularity, captivating galleries and online communities worldwide.In her artistic process, Wingsze embraces the beauty of simplicity. Each line and stroke carries intention, symbolizing a beginning and completion. Her art becomes a visual language that speaks to the depths of the soul, inviting viewers to connect and unravel their own interpretations.Step into the captivating world of Wingsze's artwork, where the intimacy of drawing intertwines with the power of colors. Allow her creations to transport you to a realm of self-discovery and connection. Dive into the pages of her art, where emotions and thoughts are beautifully expressed through vibrant strokes and hidden codes. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey that speaks directly to your own inner world.

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