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Rebecca Wing Sze Lam

(b. 1985, AU)

​An Australia-based self taught Portrait Artist whose works emphasise on personal association with the subject matter. Born in Hong Kong with ancestral roots in Thailand, Rebecca developed a unique eye and way to visualise and simplify and share stories of people and faces she encounter

Wing's style is reminiscent of Picasso and Matisse. Her Fauvist-inspired drawings have become something of a sensation; popping up everywhere in galleries and online circles worldwide. Inspired by sculptures, music, poetry and faces, most of her creations are done in one go: the pen or paintbrush doesn’t leave the paper until the figure is complete

The idea is not to look for perfection, but instead allow the artwork to flow and develop on its own. Theres beauty is simplicity and there's reason in why a line begins and completes

Wing encourages its viewers to look closer and connect their own stories and interpretation of each piece.

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